Our vision is to provide a viable option to those recovering from stroke and degenerative neurological disorders to achieve their potential and remain engaged and vital beings. Our decades of experience at Stroke Recovery Center highlighted an ongoing gap in available healthcare treatment designed for successful long-term recovery from stroke. Given that stroke is the most common cause of adult disability, it struck us as a public health crisis that this gap persisted. We recognized that many degenerative diseases posed similar challenges as stroke, and concluded that expansion of our services would help serve individuals experiencing a similar gap in maintenance healthcare services.

On the horizon, we also concluded that an aging baby boomer generation and trends in sports-related TBI would only increase the need for such care. We viewed the Affordable Care Act’s focus on preventive care as a means of absorbing at least some of the costs related to this public health crisis. So weighing all these factors, we committed to energetically expand our Center.

By expanding the Center’s focus to include other neurological disorders that may respond to comprehensive long term care, the Center provides a vision that incorporates both short and long term treatment in a safe and controlled environment to populations who have very limited or no other alternatives for support.

The provider community remains focused on episodes of care, however it is slowly accepting the benefits of a more holistic approach to care particularly for the handicapped, the aged and chronically ill. As we expand the center’s focus to include other neurological disorders, the Center will provide a vision of short and long term treatments in a safe and controlled environment to those with very limited or no other alternatives for support.

We are a forward thinking healthcare organization committed to supporting the future needs of an aging population and mindfully aware of changes in health care financing altering the focus of care. By expanding on Stroke Recovery Center’s comprehensive care model with educational programs and expanded behavioral support groups, exercise at all levels from walking paths to yoga, weight training and gym exercise—our expansion will produce a neuro health campus that is patient focused and community-centered and replicable nationally.